Let’s face it – the world can be a tough place. We’ve all encountered women from all over the world that could have just as well been a devouring ‘shark,’ right? Maybe these women were callous, cruel, rude or worse of all – materialistic. Now, we all know that there are millions of women in the world who are more traditional or family-oriented or simply want to leave cultures where their devotion often goes unappreciated. Whether considering a woman or an international dating service, you want to do a little homework to single out the ‘sharks,’ and move closer to finding out the truth. The truth, after all, will set you free, free of those headaches and heartaches that are the result of believing in a myth!


One ongoing myth, for instance, is the tragically conceived notion that only beautiful foreign women date rich men. It is absolutely tragic to believe this! Don’t cut yourself off from an unbelievable romance and opportunities for marriage just from misinformation or perhaps a temporary feeling of being rubbed the wrong way or rubbed bloody raw. You see, foreign Women from South America, Eastern Europe or Asia are very often taken for granted and, yes, sometimes even mistreated. Women from these lands can be exceptionally educated, and yes actually be almost unbelievably beautiful – sensuous and sexy too. Men living in under-developed nations often do not fully realize how difficult it is to find a feminine woman that will respect you and actually desire to make her man happy. Their problems are our opportunities to find an impressive lady who is eager for a passionate romance or true love!

Meeting FOREIGN WOMEN Is Easier Than You Think

Another enduring myth is that you will have to travel far to make a connection with a potential bride. While you may want to travel eventually to visit your bride (or visa versa), first things first - you start by connecting online with a reputable website! Being a world traveler is not a prerequisite for launching a romance. Dedication and a sense of adventure goes far! We at Singles List are dedicated to identifying the sharks in this industry and update a ‘tried and true’ list of international dating sites that are both reasonable and proven legitimate. Read our international dating site reviews.

Do Marriages To Foreign Women Last?

The worst myth of all is the lie that marrying a beautiful foreign woman won’t last! Sure, we’ve all heard stories of a guy who married a girl from another country and it didn’t work out, but the same is true for meeting just about any other woman in the world! There are so many factors involved and chemistry is important when keeping a relationship alive, and so is background biographical information so that you could make a pragmatic choice in the first place. In fact, the opposite is true: foreign women are usually much more dedicated and loyal to their spouses than many American and European women not only because they are more traditional but because they are generally aware of profound differences between lifestyles and opportunities with their country of origin. When machismo or chauvinism collides with a good, self-respecting woman, their appreciation comes through like sunlight on a stormy day when they find someone honest and deserving like you!

Not Free, But Cost Is Affordable

Myths come and go like the tooth-fairy, and there is no reason why the myth that it costs a lot to find, connect and meet a foreign bride should be any different! It simply is not true! With plenty of reputable Latin, Asian and Russian bride websites to choose from, there is no reason to put off saving yourself from loneliness. International dating sites are just like other online dating sites with similar costs of about $30 per month. Sometimes you pay a bit more for additional services, of course, when contacting a foreign woman such as translation. Special introductions or platinum memberships add costs but make it much easier and faster to connect to the woman of your dreams.

Agency Cost To Contact A Lady Via E-Mail
A Foreign Affair $9.99 for virtual e-mail address/no translation - Platinum membership $95/first month then $29.95 month gives you up to 100 addresses/month, discounts on translations, about $7.99 per e-mail
Elena's Models Subscription required $33/month for 3 months gets you 50 Contacts/unlimited e-mail to and from. Goes down to $16.50/month with 12 month membership. Platinum - Unlimited Contacts - $83/month
Blossom's Subscription $9.99 to $29.95 month depending on length 1 month to 12 months unlimited contacts
AnastasiaDate Based on credits system - about $8.00 to read or send a letter/e-mail. No Monthly program - everything based on credits
Amolatina Based on credits system - about $8.00 to read or send a letter/e-mail. No Monthly program - everything based on credits
Many of these companies offer Romance Tours from $1,495 to Latin America | $3,400 to Eastern Europe | $2,300 to Asian countries ( land only) - includes 3 Socials with the opportunity to meet dozens of beautiful ladies.

The fact is if you are tired of the kind of woman you’ve been meeting, the cost of joining an international dating website is relatively low compared to the overwhelmingly high cost of endlessly dating the wrong kind of woman. Hitting your head against the wall trying again and again to find a genuinely appreciative woman who truly cares by going the same old route will most definitely bring you the same results! After all, there are excellent-rated websites that you can use: like Elena’s Models, A Foreign Affair, AnastasiaDate, Colombian Bride, Asian Beauties, Blossoms, and Amolatina. Today set yourself free from the myths and your own inflated fears and make a choice!