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by on July 3, 2011

Many men go crazy over the idea of bringing home a woman from the other end of the Alps. What’s not to like about Russian ladies, after all? They’re bombshells, they know how to run a home – and, even better, most of them tend to be highly educated and are great conversationalists. If you’re looking for somebody who can make a delicious dinner and then argue politics across the board, a Russian woman is probably a great match for you.

Pretty Ukrainian Girl Olga

Pretty Ukrainian Girl Olga

The issue can be going about it. There are considerable cultural differences between Russians and Westerners, and the secret to being truly successful when it comes to meeting these fine Slavic women is understanding these differences and how to work them to your advantage when you play the dating game.

The first thing to remember is to play the field and keep your options open. Don’t fall in love with the first woman that you start conversing with. Particularly at the beginning of your dating foray, it’s okay to message with several women at once. Stay open – if you commit too fast, you might miss out on the Russian woman who’s really the match for you.

Also, don’t ignore your gut. If a woman you’re conversing with suddenly starts asking you for money, it’s a red flag. If anything happens that makes you uneasy, you need to listen to yourself. Again, don’t’ fall in love too fast and assume that all the women on a site are faultless. There are, of course, a myriad of Russian women who are searching for a man like you to marry, but there are scammers as well. Don’t move too fast, and if something seems rotten in Moscow, drop off contact.

Beautiful Brunette Lady from the Ukraine

Remember that these women will be receiving a lot of attention from many men – just as you are searching for what’s out there and what options are the best for you, she will be as well. Don’t get jealous; this can easily kill any sort of budding relationship forming between you and your potential Russian lady. Keep your cool. She’ll know if you’re the one for her – just as you’ll know if she’s the one for you!

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