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by on August 6, 2011

These days, the mail order brides services are many and varied. They comprise a necessary and significant part of the formation of international marriages; in particular, the way western men meet women from Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.This industry is growing exponentially every single day, as droves of men and women go to these agencies to meet their destined soul mates. Mail order brides have taken a lot of flak in the past on moral grounds. But the modern times have changed the perspective of people, especially men and women who want to find their dream partners. More men are now searching for mail order brides, all of which are also eager to make a lasting impression on potential matches.

Pretty Filipina mail order brideMEET ME

Pretty Filipina mail order bride

According to the Service of Immigration and Naturalization, from 100 to 150 thousand women of various countries, including USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, annually turn to marriage agencies in search of a foreign husband. An overwhelming majority of these foreign women are natives of Southeast Asia, especially of Philippines, Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union. The majority of Asian brides are Philippine women, in spite of the fact that the “brides by mail” service was considered to be illegal there for many years and was forbidden. Recently international marriage agencies have switched their attention to women from Russia and republics of the former Union. Recent data suggests that 69 of the 153 registered marriage services focus on them (two months after the research was carried out the number soared to 202). A significant percentage of brides in their lists are Ukrainian.

There is a preconception that only the eligible women from second and third world countries use the service to find a mate. To be specific, the female representatives of the former USSR-countries go to mail order bride agencies to try their luck. Marriage to a western man from the USA may have been the solution to immigration problems for these women. But women from first world countries are also using foreign marriage services. There are women from USA, Canada, Europe and Australia that look for a foreign husband. Now, we know that it’s not just the men who see the good side of having such agencies in existence.

The overwhelming majority of these mail order brides are from Southeast Asia countries, especially of Philippines. Many of the Asian brides that apply for a spot in the roster of mail order agencies are Philippine women, despite the fact that any service that promotes “brides by mail” was banned in the Philippines for many years.

Pretty Eastern European beautyCALL ME

Pretty Eastern European beauty

Recently, many international marriage companies have been concentrating more on women from Russia and republics of the former Union. Research implies that 69 of the 153 registered marriage services focus on these women. A sizable part of Russian bride rosters are the Ukrainian women who join in droves.

A number of international marriage agencies see the potential success of opening branches in South and Central American countries such as Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. Western men saw the convenience of having to meet Latin beauties who live close by. Accessibility of Latin countries is the main reason why this aspect of the bride by mail industry boomed quite fast. Of course, one other reason is that Latin women are reputed to be passionate and sexy.

Some of the larger international marriage agencies include AnastasiaDate and A Foreign Affair. Thousands of women are in these sites. To be clear many of these women have to know about the internet to be able to join. The term “mail order bride” no longer means that a couple corresponds via mail or that you can purchase a bride via mail order. Actually, there never was an option to legally purchase a bride but the connotation came from the fact that men had to purchase the catalog of women to get their addresses. Now it is almost exclusively transacted via the internet where men still purchase contact information of the ladies they are interested in and then pay for e-mail service and phone translation services.

Hot Latina at the beachMEET ME

Hot Latina at the beach

Two Categories of Marriage Agencies

1. Mail Order Bride Service

Mail order brides services are also called “services of international correspondence” or simply marriage agencies. Representatives offer their clients’ names, photos and addresses on a website. Agencies are usually not charging the women for uploading their photos and membership. The agencies make money from the men who wish to purchase these addresses. To make communication easier, the agency also offers translation services for a charge. These services include live phone translations.

2. Penpal Sites

American men can also opt to meet potential lovers through e-mail or dating sites. There are communities that encourage pen-friend interactions between men and women. These services are usually free-of-charge for the women. Men and women set up their profiles and emails, describing what they are looking for in a partner. A free site that is often mentioned as a good place to interact is the dating site, “Plenty of Fish”.

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