Dating Asian Women | Be Respectful Of Her Culture

by on June 4, 2011

Many men are utterly captivated by the ladies of the Orient. It’s no big secret why the women from this part of the world might get the attention of a Western man – they’re exotic, they’re beautiful, and when they smile it seems to light up an entire room. If you’re lucky enough to land a date with one of these exquisite beauties, there are a few things that you should be made aware of before you go out on your date.

Pretty Chinese girl in white

First, be sure to exude confidence at every angle. On a first date with an Asian lady it’s generally a good idea to take the lead and suggest the meeting spot yourself. Later on when you’ve entered into the relationship you can start making these decisions in tandem, but most Asian women are looking for a man who is confident and can find himself in any situation. Pick a place that’s semi public for the first few dates; you’ll want to save the walk in the park at dusk for a later date. Like with any other woman, your Asian woman is not likely to be a hundred percent comfortable with a man that she’s just met.

Cute Filipina lady smiling

Another good thing to keep in mind is to be respectful of her culture. If you like to make touchy jokes, this is not a good time to bust them out. If you make a wrong step on the first date, she’s likely to remember for a very long time, even if the relationship still takes off and lasts years. Be curious and polite when it comes to discussing her culture and you’ll win her heart.

Above all, be a gentleman. Remember the rules of chivalry – hold the door open for her when you go into the restaurant, and if you sit down at the table be sure to help her with her chair. This goes hand in hand with the confident, self-assured male you’re projecting – but you also need to be considerate and kind. Asian women are not looking for dictators. They want a man who will not only protect them, but love them as well!

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